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Materials for Electric

Sensing Device
composite for elements of NO2 sensor
NO2 gas sensing as Sensor material for air

Light emitting element (green)
Photo Lumine/Electro Lumine sensor element
Semiconductor element (Via customizing)
Soldering material - 3D printing
(Via customizing)

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Metal casting Materials

Graphene metal casting materials
Used as Al casting material and additive 
SOFC cover 

Aircraft wing and body,
Car body and interior,
Vehicle pistons,
Frame bar,
Industrial air conditioning system 
Outdoor unit 
heat exchanger,
Car air conditioner material,
Train body and interior 
Building wall, ceiling, roofing,
Furniture cabinet,
solar/machinery plate and cover,
Insulation material 
shell and cover 
Medical products 
PS/CTP bottom plate 
Frozen container and 
Special container
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Electronic Home appliances
Hot plate, Induction,
Oven, Curling Iron,
Iron, Dryer

Industrial appliances
(Instead) PTC heater, Boiler,
Air/Water heater
Fuel cells
Curved devices

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Block Module

Industrial appliances
(Instead) PTC heater, Boiler,
Air heater

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