UDCORE is a UD’s brand that has been written the company's story with our own technology from the beginning.
We produce key materials and components and have the relevant technology.
with great applicability and efficiency, UDCORE can actually help the industry with graphene technology.
Of producing a variety of customized products that can be designed and produced depending on use.
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The journey from Materials for Electrics to Block Heater Module production

Introducing our technical chronology.

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Material for Electric    
Graphene and SnO2 Composite production for gas sensors that reduces electrical barriers to operate at room temperature, reducing electrical signal noise/loss.
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Graphene Heater Unit
Flexible heaters, Aluminum plate heaters, Stainless steel plate heaters production.
Flexible heater components with stable thermal efficiency and Graphene plate heaters that have good maintaining efficiency and High temperature uniformity produced by wide heating area.
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Graphene Block Heater Module
Producing block-structure heater modules with excellent thermal energy efficiency:
Higher energy efficiency than conventional electric heaters.
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Graphene Metal Alloy Castings
Mass-productionable Graphene metal alloy materials.