Materials for Electric

SnO2 for Gas Sensing

Graphene + SnO2composite 
for NO2 Gas Sensing


In general, SnO2 is all thing of the sensor material for NO2 gas sensor, our products have graphene functionalized structure on the SnO2-Sn:core-shell structure so composite that has changed the work function and the band gap of SnO2.
This structural design allows the sensor to operate at room temperature, although the existing sensor operating temperature was over 200℃.
At the same time, electrical barriers between grain boundaries are reduced to reduce electrical signal noise or loss.

Recommended for use

Sensing Device
composite for elements of NO2 sensor
NO2 gas sensing as Sensor material for air
Light emitting element (green)
Photo Lumine / Electro Lumine sensor element
Semiconductor element (Via customizing)
Soldering material - 3D printing
(Via customizing)

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